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Why You Should Consider Growing Cannabis than Buying It?

Written by Bella High


Posted on March 03 2020

Cannabis is flowers, leaves and stems from the two major strains known as Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. The Sativa strain is in demand more than the indica strain. However, the Sativa is not as available as its counterpart; this has made people opt for the hybrids, which consist of 70% Sativa and 30% indica. Moreover, the imbalance in its demand is a result of the fact that each strain has a wide range of effects on the body. The indica strain has a mild impact because it offers the body a deep sense of relaxation which makes it the best option to use at night.

The Sativa strain, on the other hand, is a strong one because it offers a more energizing experience which makes it ideal for day-time consumption. Acquiring both strains can be a bit difficult, especially in countries that are yet to legalize it. 

Purchasing cannabis seems to be the easiest way of acquiring marijuana, but buying is not as beneficial as growing it. Growing it gives you unrestricted access to it anytime it is needed. There are other advantages of growing marijuana other than continuous availability. Women especially should consider venturing into the growing business as it has turned out to be a gold mine. 

Here are the top 6 reasons why you should consider growing it. 

  1. Cultivating marijuana gives you total control over the growing conditions that are you can dictate the quality of cannabis that you want having to use great pesticides, fertilizers, and awesome techniques. 

  2. You get to save more money growing cannabis than buying. All you need is the knowledge and a reasonable budget to get started; then you are on your way to nailing it.

  3. Cultivating your cannabis gives you the chance to choose which strain to consume, and with the knowledge of which strain to use at any time of the day will make you enjoy it more. 

  4. Cultivating marijuana allows you to experiment with several other methods of growing it. 

  5. It also gives you the opportunity to produce several CBD products, and if you can scale up in the long run, you might end up having the best CBD products anyone can have access to.

  6. You can sell your products to a weed store nearby or cannabis dispensary near you for some more cash if you can produce high-quality marijuana. 

The opportunity which growing marijuana offers are endless.



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