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Shocking Ways Cannabis Will Make You Better in Bed

Written by Bella High


Posted on March 23 2020

The use of marijuana in modern times is done for various reasons; some use medical marijuana due to medical and health issues, and some use it for other recreational purposes. Cannabis has a long history of sex; both are intertwined. There has been a lot of questions about if CBD products make for better sex, the truth is that, yes, it does. Marijuana makes you better in bed in a lot of ways.

Most times marijuana is not 100% predictable, and they also depend on the strain, situation or individual. Marijuana doesn’t have the same effect when cooked as opposed to when smoked. Different strains have a diverse range of concentrations of CBN, THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. Hence, a conclusion can't be made as to what kind of CBD products makes one better in bed.

According to Lisa Kirkman, sex columnist, both cannabis and intercourse prompt the release of oxytocin, which is referred to as the “love molecule” a hormone related to paternal, maternal and sexual behaviors, it also acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. Cannabis generally intensifies the corporal perception and sensitivity and function as a disinhibitor. Sativa works very well for couples who are looking to boost their sexual wellbeing.

However, there are here are ways in which marijuana can influence your sex life:

  1. Strengthens your relationship emotionally

In a kind of relationship where both individuals are ready to leave their comfort zones, the bond it tight between those that trust one another. Most times, marijuana makes us more emotionally receptive to each other, which can help strengthen the relationship in the long run. Each willing to express themselves openly is pivotal to the success and health of a relationship.

  1. Increase pleasure and tactile inputs

Marijuana makes sex feel better; all physical data are enhanced; that is a surge of sensations. Massages increase are more pleasurable and play into the results of marijuana readily. The heightened sensitivity can be so increased such that you feel every nerve endings in your body. Sexual pleasure is neither emotional nor physical, but marijuana promotes both actively.

  1. Better for sex than alcohol

A mild to moderate dosage is recommended when taking CBD products to enhance sexual activity; this varies from one individual to another sine tolerant usually depends on genetics and usage. A little experimentation may be required to arrive at the level of pleasure you desire.  Marijuana is safer than alcohol, and it can protect you from damage customarily caused by drinking.



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