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How Cannabis can help to alleviate premenstrual syndrome (Menstrual Pain)

Written by Bella High


Posted on March 18 2020

It’s no longer news that Marijuana perfectly tackles some challenging gender-specific problems for us as females - be it old or young. Shreds of evidence from medical studies have also proven that cannabis plays a second-to-none role when it comes to gynecological matters. Just in case we are yet to know, cannabinoids are the psychoactive chemical substances embedded in Marijuana, and they are responsible for the plant’s potency (the bliss effect we feel when we smoke, inhale or take weed into our body systems). The most widely known cannabinoids of all time are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD).

Ordinarily, without the help of endocannabinoids (also known as the endocannabinoid system) present in our bodies as humans (mammals at large), it becomes impossible for us to feel the “Bliss Effect” of cannabis when we intake it into our body.

The cannabinoid system is what’s responsible for the cannabinoid receptors or put, the dedicated points of interaction between Marijuana’s cannabinoids and our body system as human beings. These cannabinoid receptors were found around several locations of the body, and most importantly, our uterus, ovaries, and the female reproductive system as a whole are not left out.

During the process of the menstrual cycle, the type of interaction that exists between the endocannabinoids in our reproductive systems and cannabinoids when we take in Marijuana is positively unexplainable. The positive effect of this is that when we consider ‘Mary Jane’ during the painful periods of our menstrual cycles, it immensely helps to alleviate the hardship of premenstrual syndrome.
While some of us could luckily go on our entire lives with bearable menstrual pain during our monthly cycles, it’s quite unfortunate that so many others like us go through unexplainable cramps and hardship during menstruation.

Many women are even unable to stay active during this period due to the intensity of pain that comes with their menstruation. Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) common to most females include mood swings, lethargy, headaches, feeling exhausted, anger, acne, bloating, depression, crying, tenderness of the breasts among several others. Owing to this long list of PMS, most girls depend on analgesics and other forms of medication to stay sane during menstruation.

However, of all the measures being used to combat and alleviate abdominal cramps before and during menstruation, none has proven to be naturally soothing like medical Marijuana (of course with the right prescription and quantity). The anti-inflammatory characteristics of Marijuana, when combined with the endocannabinoid system, helps to reduce the pain associated with the inflammation of our uterus during menstruation. This is why In the past years, many young women have reached out for the use of cannabis products during periods of their cramps, and it has proven very useful for them.

Finally, apart from the blissful role of cannabis that helps us to tackle menstrual cramps, Marijuana also helps to manage the transition process - which can be very dramatic for us when menstruation stops (Menopause). We really can’t but be enormously grateful for the numerous advantages that Mary Jane is bringing to women the world over.

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